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The Labour Inspectorate of the Republic od Slovenia is an administrative body within the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

The Labour Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia thus supervises the implementation of laws, other regulations, collective contracts and general acts that govern employment relations, pay and other receipts from employment, the employment of workers at home and abroad, worker participation in management, strikes and the safety of workers at work, unless otherwise specified by regulations.


Labour inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia is composed of three inspections:

  • Employment relationship inspection
  • Health and safety at work inspection
  • Social inspection.

The sphere of operation of the body is specified in the Labour Inspectorate Act (ZID-1), which is supplemented by the Inspection Act (ZIN). The two acts regulate the general principles of inspection, the organisation of inspection, the position, rights and duties of inspectors, the authority of inspectors, the procedure of inspection, inspection measures and other questions connected with inspection.


The basic laws in the area of supervision today are the Employment Act (ZDR-1) and the Health and Safety at Work Act (ZVZD-1), which newly define the rules of relations between workers and employers.


The Labour Inspectorate also supervises the compliance with law of the work of those who conduct procedures for verifying and certifying vocational qualifications and the compliance with law and professionalism of the work of commissions.


Within the context of the third administrative field, i.e., within the framework of the social inspection, the Labour Inspectorate of the RS also carries out inspection supervision of the work of public social protection institutes, concession holders and other legal entities and natural persons that provide social security services on the basis of a work permit, supervision of implementation by local communities under the Social Assistance Act (ZSV). Supervision is carried out by social affairs inspectors.


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